Are you looking for a podcast microphone under $50?  With the special features of the Ball Snowball Ice Podcast Microphone, this product is the best one in the market.

Ensuring clean, natural sounds are being produced for all recordings, the Blue Snowball Ice podcast microphone has satisfied clients for its quality recording at a very affordable price.  Capturing pristine vocals and even instruments, this popular product has amazing audio quality which is ideal for voiceovers.  Let’s see a few special features of the Blue Snowball Ice podcast microphone. has various tutorials related to podcast microphone.

  • An entry-level microphone from the Blue brand, the Blue Snowball Ice microphone is a USB microphone designed for podcasting, recording voice-over, and streaming. Coming in a desktop mount, the Snowball Ice has three selectable patterns for capturing sounds.
  • Although completely spherical in shape, the Snowball Ice has also a thread on the base in order to accept the mount of a standard microphone. A well-built microphone, the three legs of the microphone is adjustable in height to keep it steady on different surfaces.
  • A bit heavier compared to other microphones, the Snowball Ice feels solid when being used. The microphone is encased in high-quality plastic, with the three-position switch for the microphone patterns at the back part.
  • Easy to install like the other Blue microphones, you simply need to plug the microphone and wait for the driver to install automatically. It automatically sets itself as a primary recording device as well in Windows setting so you don’t need to worry about the set-up of this popular microphone.
  • Having a great sound quality for podcasts and voiceover, the Snowball ice has a CD quality effect on all recordings. Excellent for streaming, the sound quality of Snowball Ice is comparable to other more expensive podcasts.
  • Small and portable, the Snowball Ice is great for on-site recordings for its flexibility. Available at an affordable price, this microphone works great for impromptu recordings.

If you need great audio quality at a cheap price, there is no way that other products can beat the Snowball Ice Podcast Microphone.  Wow your listeners by only using this podcast microphone.