Important Things To Know About An Ehrlich Testing Kit

The kit is a solution of hydrocholoric acid, ethanol, and p-dimethylaminenobenzaldehyde. It helps effectively identify LSD which is a toxic drug. When the solution turns purple then LSD is used. There are other uses of the ehrlich testing kit which includes testing for other types of indoles, and 25i-NBOMe. However, there is no reaction in testing the latter yet testing for indoles will result to color purple as well. A single testing kit may do up to 50 tests.  More information on ehrlich testing kit on

How To Test Your LSD
25i-NBOMe is a highly-toxic drug which must be tested to avoid visual hallucinations. It is the same with LSD actually. When you use the ehrlich testing kit for 25i you would not get any reaction but when you test it for LSD and other indoles you will get purple. When testing LSD, here is what you should do. Get a blotter paper and put it on a ceramic plate, then drop a potential LSD on it. Hold the bottle above the sample which is an inch away and try not to contaminate the contents of it, then put a drop of it. Wait for a couple of minutes for the result. You will get a purple color if it is an indole or LSD.

How To Store Your Testing Kit
The hydrochloric acid solution in the testing kit is very harmful. It can burn your skin that easy and may affect your visions. It can also burn clothes. You need to store it properly and try not to get contact with your eyes and mouth. Use protective gloves when using the kit for testing. Suppose you caught some contents of the bottle, wash it with soap and water immediately. Store it in a cool and dark room. Leftover contents must be disposed of properly as well.