Mason Reveals the Top WordPress Plugins for Improving Your Web Design

If you are new to WordPress, chances are its vast offering of plugins have already confused you. Though these plugins all aim to improve your website and increase your organic web traffic, it is more than foolish to try and attempt to install all these plugins at once. According to Mason Soiza WordPress, choosing the right plugins is essential if you are planning to stay on top of the game.  If you are more curious about mason soiza seo then you can learn more about it on

This is especially true if you are trying to enhance or improve your website’s look to attract more organic web traffic. Here are Mason Soiza SEO top WordPress Plugins that would help you beautify your website.

Web Layout Plugin: Visual Composer

One of the most important, yet most commonly overlooked feature of any website is its visual layout. As any web expert will tell you, a beautiful layout will not only help attract web traffic, it would also make the user’s experience well worth it. This, in turn, often results to regular, steady volume of organic web traffic which then boosts your SERP rankings.

Visual Composer helps any web builder to create beautiful and functional layouts. This plugin is specifically helpful for those who have no technical know-how in creating webpages. The Visual Composer is an intuitive drag-and-drop web builder with 60 predefined layouts to help create an awesome webpage.

While Visual Composer does not require the user programming knowledge, it still helps if you have some basic understanding of marketing strategies to help you choose from over 40 content elements that you could potentially add to your page. Mason Soiza cautions any amateur web builder that it won’t help to simply install them all as it would inevitably clutter your web page and slow down your speed in the process.

Slider Plugin: Meta Slider

Of course, any website would be boring without pictures in it. Unfortunately, posting pictures on your website is not as easy as it sounds. It needed to be eye-catching and make your page more interactive. It should also improve navigation in your website by linking your internal pages.

The advantage of using Meta Slider over other similar plugins is that it lets you add images directly from your WordPress Media Library. It also lets you add an image description or caption to give the image a deeper context. Meta Slider also offers the option of inserting links and SEO tags for better user experience.

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