Types of Commercial Refrigerators Used in Restaurants and Cafes

The several kinds of commercial refrigerators that can be used in restaurants depending on your needs and requirements. This type of refrigeration systems come in different sizes, purposes, designs and features. Below are a few types of refrigerators that are frequently used in restaurants: 



1. Blast freezers

Most of the restaurants consist of blast freezers or refrigerators as these kinds of appliances have a powerful system. It helps in bring bringing down the temperature of the food in lesser time as compared to other commercial refrigeration systems.

2. Walk-in refrigerators

Walk-in refrigerators are often used in cafes and restaurants as these can be used to store bulk quantities of food supplies. These kinds of appliances are often placed at the back of the kitchen so that the performance is not affected by heat radiating from the stoves.

3. Display Commercial fridge

Display fridges are usually used in cafes and markets as these are designed to display the content of the fridge through the glass door. It provides with an excellent opportunity to display your products like cakes, soufflés, puddings and other desserts.

4. Under-counter fridge drawers

These kinds of commercial refrigeration in Adelaide are also known as fish drawers. These types of appliances are usually used for keeping poultry, meat and seafood. These drawers can also be used in restaurants and cafes to save space or for the purpose of a live cooking experience.

These are some of the commercial refrigeration systems that are commonly used in restaurants and cafes.